Friday, May 04, 2007


Hi friends, acquaintences, businesses, ex-lovers, family, webmasters, etc

I accidentally sent out a "tagged" email to everyone in my address book.  It is not a virus. 

I was tagged myself and did a little searching into the site.   Lets just say that when I hit send, I didn't understand it would go through my address book.  I hope you don't get any more spam than you already do.

No need for tagging.

But thank you if you have.  I don't know what to do with all this love.  Good to hear from you anyway....

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Last post 


We're busy setting up our new blog, which will take some time. For now, this will not be updated regularly.

We've moved to moveable type, based upon the model of the Church of St. Martin's in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, which is a fairly easy to use website. They use mychurchevents.com to schedule events. It fits nicely within their blog.

Thank you for your occasional return.


Saturday, May 21, 2005

At the technology conference 

Having a good time

Friday, April 01, 2005

The Courage to be Vulnerable 

Alleluia! Christ is Risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!!

After the drought and subdued nature of Lent, the introspection and participation of Holy Week here we are in Eastertide (yes, it DOES last more than one Sunday), it's joy, thanksgiving, celebration and relief.... well, the clergy en masse are recovering from a long - usually lonely - week. It's over and it isn't.

I sit here, this Friday night, writing these words after listening to NPR and the decline in the health of Pope John Paul II. HE valiantly made it through Lent, Holy Week and Easter. And he too is about to take his rest.

Having been a Roman Catholic until age 21 I look back on this man with a mixture of admiration and disbelief. It was the first time that the world has ever had unprecedented access - through the press and through his globe traversing travels - to the man holding an office in a city unto itself. He had a colorful, passionate past which most of us discovered only after the commencement of his papacy.... for Pete's sake, the man loved to ski!

Now, I cannot say that I agreed with some of his decisions or writings or the directions in which he decided to point the Church under his authority. I can say that it was obvious that - with his entire being - he loved God and did everything he could to follow the Jesus he knew.

During the last twelve months, I have developed an admiration for this man, this world figure. He has been courageous enough to show his frailty, his vulnerablility even when it must have been uncomfortable for him; even when it has been painful for us. The photographers of today did not adhere to a Franklin D. Roosevelt rule of withholding unflattering pictures or candid photographs. No. We have seen the Pope's aging, illnesses and frailties in the unflinching light of day and flash photography. Perhaps it has been a videography of surrender. There were no videographers at Calvary... and we strain to imagine the amount of courage and determination it took for Jesus to be THAT vulnerable.

We have, however, seen the faith it has taken another man, walking in the footsteps of St.Peter the apostle, to embody the courage to be vulnerable to the end of his earthly journey. And we are all: Christian, Jew, Muslim, Confusian, agnostic, Taoist, women or men, old or young, disabled or fit...... we are all better for it. For this, we thank you, John Paul II and wish you a peaceful transition to your next destination.

Monday, February 28, 2005

See how these Christians love one another 

It's odd, isn't it.... the verses of Scripture that can pop into your head sometimes.

With the goings on between the loosely knit members of the Anglican purple cloth in the news this week.... well, this one popped right up.

If we love one another, don't we try and try again? If we love one another, isn't there enough room at the table of discussion for everyone?

Historically, everyone knows on some level that prophets are needed - those who see beyond the circumstances of here and now into a greater truth... and historically everyone knows that few - if any - prophets were given the royal treatment, let alone a welcome mat.

We need God, but find it easy to turn away. We need truth, but don't want to hear it plainly. We need unconditional love, yet somehow it necessary to annex some conditions, some strings to it.

Here we are in a system threatening to set member against member... over the very issue of membership..... who belongs in the club.

I'm a simple woman, blue collar roots. And I have been taught that baptism - even in our infancy - brings us into the "club" with Jesus. What will we do next.... hold debates or private review board each instance when a baby, a child, an adolescent, an adult is presented for baptism to determine whether that individual is worthy to belong to the "club"?

We may well be at a crossroads..... I believe Jesus died once, for us all: sinners all, human all. Do we have the right to determine another's worth IN THE EYES OF GOD???

I am praying daily the prayer there that be enough room at the table for us all, as there is enough love in the being of God for us all....... and that it may be truly said again "See how these Christians love one another". Amen and Amen.

Monday, January 31, 2005

coming UP! 

Correction!: The shrove Tuesday dinner will be held at St. Bartholomew's Church, not Trinity on February 8th. Dinner begins between 6:30pm and 7:00pm and ends no later than 9:30pm.

Blood Drive on February 4th in the auditorium from 2-6 PM.

Candlemas / Presentation of Our Lord service at 7:30pm on February 2nd.

If you are interested in joining us for the Wednesday Lenten Discussions beginning February 16th [dinner at 6:30, discussion following], you can purchase the book through amazon.com.

Here is the link.

Ash Wednesday Services February 9th at 7:00am, 10:00am [with no holy eucharist] and 7:00pm [Holy Eucharist]

Congratulations to our New Wardens - Gary Rogers and Catherine Alexander; our new vestry members Carolyn Lao, Anne Miressi, and Monica Reid.

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